Find network connectivity within seconds

Routefinder™ is a search tool for finding connectivity between data centers, cloud regions, and enterprise buildings from hundreds of global providers.


Throw away your spreadsheets.

Hang up the phone.

Researching network connectivity is a tedious, manual process involving out-of-date spreadsheets and multiple sales calls. Routefinder™ (patent-pending) lets you automate this process from end to end:

  • Perform point-to-point queries between data centers, enterprise buildings, and cloud regions
  • Find out which network providers are available for each route
  • Compare connectivity options based on latency estimates
  • Get quotes and pricing from service providers
  • View and export route details

Give Routefinder a test drive!

The following demo searches are available without an account:

Digital Realty DAL1

Digital Realty DAL1

Data center

2323 Bryan Street, Dallas, TX

AWS US West (Northern California)

AWS US West (Northern California)

Cloud region

The Westin Building

The Westin Building

Enterprise building

2001 6th Avenue, Seattle, WA

Google Cloud Europe-West3 (Germany)

Google Cloud Europe-West3 (Germany)

Cloud region

Supported connectivity searches

Routefinder facilitates different types of connectivity search queries between data centers, enterprise buildings and cloud regions.

Data center to data center

Search connectivity options from 50+ network providers across 1800+ wholesale and retail data centers.

  • Find connectivity between your primary and disaster recovery data centers
  • Connect your edge data center to a network-rich carrier hotel
  • Connect your compute and storage data centers to your network Points of Presences (PoPs)

Data center to cloud

Find the best network options to connect your private cloud to your public cloud provider, whether AWS, Google Compute, Azure, Oracle, IBM or many others. Routefinder provides latency estimates. Measured latency from provider tests coming soon.

  • Find a Cloud exchange to access multiple cloud providers with a single port
  • Find which data centers have the lowest latency connectivity into cloud regions
  • Research and architect your hybrid-cloud strategy

Enterprise building to data center or cloud

Finally, you can find the connectivity to truly build your hybrid cloud. Routefinder shows you how your network provider can connect you to the cloud from your enterprise building.

  • Find point-to-point connectivity between enterprise buildings and data centers
  • Discover how to connect your enterprise building to the cloud
  • Compare connectivity products and pricing