Digital Realty DAL1 to AWS US West (Northern California) at PhoenixNAP PHX1 via Telia Carrier

Estimated latency: 14.44 ms881 miles

Digital Realty to Telia Carrier
Telia Carrier
Telia Carrier to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Cloud ramp
AWS Direct Connect
AWS US West (Northern California)

Route details

Estimated latency
Measured latency
1Cross-connect to Telia Carrier at Digital Realty DAL1
< 0.1 ms
< 0.1 ms
2Telia Carrier provides transport between Digital Realty DAL1 and PhoenixNAP PHX1
14.44 ms
3Cross-connect between Telia Carrier and Amazon Web Services (AWS) at PhoenixNAP PHX1
< 0.1 ms
< 0.1 ms
4Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a cloud ramp between PhoenixNAP PHX1 and AWS US West (Northern California)
< 0.1 ms
14.44 ms

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