Service providers! We make your job a lot easier.

We're building the largest verified database of internet infrastructure.
We want to make it very easy for the people who need your products and services to find you.

Let your products shine

We only share objective, verified information about your offerings. Our goal is to inform users, so they can make better decisions.

Get qualified opportunities

Inflect users contact you directly through the platform. You'll only talk to buyers who are actively considering you.

Drive revenue

Inflect gives your products increased exposure to users around the world, resulting in increased sales. Let us surprise you!

Get qualified opportunities

Our users have done their homework. Customer opportunities from Inflect are qualified and engaged. Contact us today to find out how we can work together.

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Let's work together!

Inflect helps you create a complete and accurate map of your products and services so buyers can easily find you. Here’s how:

1. Upload your product info

Upload your product information to Inflect through your existing APIs or in whatever data format you already use.

2. Correct discrepancies

We'll let you know if information doesn’t match our records, so we can work together to fix it.

3. Get more visibility

By giving potential customers access to complete and up-to-date info, we ensure you only get the most qualified opportunities.

Let's talk formats...

We currently accept data via Excel, CSV, JSON, and API. Contact us to learn more about how we can work together.

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