You need reliable data to do your job. That's our expertise.

Trusted sources

All of our data comes either directly from service providers or trusted third-party sources such as PeeringDB.

Cross referencing

We automatically cross-reference and verify our data.

Error checking

We actively work with service providers to spot and correct any inaccuracies we find.

What does data confidence look like?

Inflect offers the most comprehensive verified set of data on colocation, network and internet exchange products and services. We constantly ingest and normalize data, then cross-reference it across multiple sources to assign confidence ratings.

Primary sources

We work directly with service providers to get their data since it's the most reliable.

Secondary sources

Secondary sources include data pulled from PeeringDB or obtained from provider on-net lists.

Community feedback

This is feedback we received from users, based on their existing infrastructure and recent purchases.

Data verification methodology

Our smart ingestion, normalization, and ranking engine is at the core of Inflect's data verification process. It assigns weights to each source and adjusts those over time as it becomes smarter.

More about data...

He does not like to be on video, but no one says it better. Watch Eric, our VP of Engineering, explain Inflect's data validation process at NANOG 70.

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