Find the right data center.

A new approach to buying and selling internet infrastructure.

Mapping the industry, in one place.

Finding the right data center is more complicated than it needs to be. We’re mapping every data center on the planet, and making it easy to find out who’s available for connection.

Data centers

With 3400+ data centers to choose from, you can find the data center that meets your requirements.


Find carriers and network services, where they are located, and how you can connect.


We’ve indexed the world’s Internet Exchanges and who’s peering where.

Cloud ramps

Search cloud connections to find out where you can create direct, high-bandwidth, low-latency connections into the cloud.

Inflect enables you to architect a holistic solution, bridging the gap between data center, network, peering, and cloud.

Find cloud-connected facilities

Find colocation facilities that let you connect directly with AWS, Google Cloud, or other cloud providers.

Get secure, low-latency connections

Browse and compare connectivity options from multiple service providers, all in once place.

Enjoy the best of both worlds

Build a hybrid solution to get the scalability of cloud services, with the security and customization of colocation deployments.

Get started. See for yourself.

1. Start with a simple search

Start by searching for a region, a service provider, or a specific facility. We’ll show you what we know.

2. Explore and refine results

Define your network, cloud, peering, and compliance requirements. Browse and compare results.

3. Engage directly with providers

Connect directly with service providers that meet your needs. Make decisions in collaboration with your team.

A data science approach

Find out how our data modeling algorithm continuously learns so that you can make better decisions.

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A solution for your entire team

  • Make confident decisions with verified data

    Find and compare data centers, network providers, and peering points, based on validated information from multiple data sets including provider APIs and PeeringDB.

  • Keep everyone on the team on the same page

    Share projects to allow team members to comment and contribute.

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